Airbus A320 Family General Familiarisation – NEO and CEO New Engine Option / Current Engine Option

The Airbus A320 family of aircraft comprising of the A318, A319, A320 and the A321 series aircraft has been an enormous success for Airbus. The aircraft operates in both passenger and cargo configurations and has multiple engine options available.

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The aircraft needed to be more fuel efficient and the design, while it had been updated is based on the original design type certificate. One major area that could be addressed with the technology progression was that of the engines. This move meant we ended up with 2 major variants of the family, the CEO Current Engine Option which was the A320 family with any of the original engines installed for the older design. These engines include the CFM56-5, the V2500 and the lesser known PW6000.

The updated version became then known as the NEO (New Engine Option) and included two additional engines, these are the Pratt and Whitney PW1100 and the CFM LEAP engine.

Both new engines offered a huge fuel saving Vs the older engines – Airbus continued options on the A320 family and created the longer-range version which features additional fuel capacity and increased range, now allowing the aircraft to operate on longer haul routes where capacity suited a narrow body aircraft capacity.

There are of course multiple updates and changes made to the aircraft over the years and the NEO features multiple changes in addition to the engines also. Why not learn more about the aircraft on either the 40 Hour Level 1 (I) A320 CEO & NEO on our 40 Hour General Familiarisation Course or more a more in-depth look aimed at Ramp and Transit Level 2 (II) A320 CEO & NEO on our 40 Hour General Familiarisation Course look at some of our other courses and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn