Boeing 767 General Familiarisation – Hydraulic Systems

The Boeing 767 uses hydraulic fluids to move many controls on the aircraft such as flight controls like the ailerons and rudder as well as other large devices such as the landing gear.

The fluid is stored in a reservoir and there are 3 main systems that are used on the aircraft – the largest system on a Boeing 767 is the centre system while the right and left store slight less fluid,

The primary source of power for the left and right systems is an engine driven pump (EDP) rated at 37 gallons per minute at take-off power.

The primary source of power for the centre system is two alternating current motor pumps (ACMP) rated at 7 GPM each.

Each system also has a secondary source for hydraulic power – the left and right also have an ACMP, while the centre system uses a air driven pump. The air driven pump is used to create a large flow rate, like an engine pump would and it is used only when there is a sufficient need, such as retracting the flaps on the aircraft.

The hydraulic systems operate at a pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch of pressure (PSI)

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