Airbus A320 General Familiarisation – Flight Deck Indications

The A320 flight deck is the focal point for the flight deck, and they have some screens to assist in displaying a lot of the complex information. One of the screens captures the engine information and warnings from systems.

The symbols of the upper area such as engine parameters are permanently displayed. The parameters are provided in the form of analogue and/or digital indications.

The Left hand lower is called a memo area and the take-off (TO) or landing memo, normal memo, independent failure messages, or primary failure messages and actions to do are displayed in the left memo area.

As soon as a failure is detected, the memo messages are replaced by warning/caution messages.

The right lower also has a memo area that is separate to the one the left and is aimed at the normal memo and secondary failure messages.

For example, when an engine anti ice push button is set to on, eng anti ice appears on the right memo area. During TO and landing, most of the warnings are inhibited to avoid distraction of the crew.

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