Embraer 175 / 195 Family – The APU

The Embraer 175 / 195 Family auxiliary power unit (APU is a small jet engine that is installed in the back of this aircraft, and it is designed to allow the aircraft to become self-sufficient and non-reliant on services being available. This can be important at remove airports and at times where equipment fails or simply is not available.

The APU (auxiliary power unit) in the Embraer 170 and 190 family if the Hamilton Sundstrand APS 2300 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and it is a gas turbine engine designed to deliver electrical power and bleed air to the aircraft systems, on ground or in the air.

The APU compartment is in the aircraft tail cone at the back of the aircraft and the engine operates at a constant speed.

It is rated at approximately six hundred horsepower and utilizes a single-stage compressor impeller and a two-stage axial turbine mounted on a common rotor shaft.

The gearbox assembly, driven by the engine rotor shaft, reduces the engine rotor speed sufficiently to drive the 40 kVA oil cooled AC generator and the oil pump assembly.

The engine is controlled by a computer and monitored by a computer also – the computer with all the sensors and controls is known as FADEC which means Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller.

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