Aviation SMS – Safety Management Training.

There are many different methodologies on how to manage safety – these are termed as Safety Management Systems or SMS in aviation

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While there are many different versions and depending on your company you may have an existing management system or need to implement one.

We have used our knowledge and worked with multiple companies and organisations to help manage safety within multiple environments. While there are multiple methodologies and you may already have an existing system in place, we have found that the “Bowtie” methodology to be the most efficient.

Bowtie allows all incident reports to be viewed with great oversight in a visual and effective platform to see where your hazards and risks lie.

We believe that this system offers one of the most transparent and easy to manage representations available.

Where does the SMS fit into this diagram and are there any other inputs into the system? Well yes of course there are such as “Finances” and we must have an input to maintain that the company or organisation remains viable in operation.

The SMS system will give us the information when effectively used to remain away from the catastrophe danger zone.

Each system has its own primary function, both are “management” systems, which remember means ‘the process of dealing with or controlling things or people’.

The systems themselves will not solve issues but can work together to provide viable information allowing us to see trends and monitor performance indicators.

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