Common Core System (CCS) in Boeing 787-8: A Summary

The Common Core System (CCS) is a centralized solution employed in the Boeing 787-8 aircraft to offer a uniform processing and data network for many airplane systems, by implementing the CCS, there’s a significant improvement in system reliability, a reduction in cost, and a decrease in weight.

This contrasts with conventional airplane systems that usually have dedicated Line Replaceable Units (LRU) to supervise and operate the corresponding system, the CCS centralizes numerous system computations through its software.

Key Components of the CCS:

Software Applications: These handle computations for the majority of airplane systems, though not all.

Common Computing Resource (CCR) Cabinets: The CCS boasts two of these, one on the left and one on the right. Each of these cabinets houses 16 modules:

-2 Power Conditioning Modules (PCM)

-8 General Processor Modules (GPM)

-2 ARINC 664 network Cabinet Switches (ACS)

-2 Fibre Optic Translator Modules (FOX)

-2 Graphics Generators (GG) – (Note: These aren’t a part of the CCS)

In essence, the CCS serves as an integrated hub in the Boeing 787-8, streamlining the functionalities and communications of various airplane systems, leading to enhanced efficiency and reliability.

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