Boeing 767 General Familiarisation – Hydraulic Systems

The B767 is equipped with three independent hydraulic systems: left, center, and right, with capacities of 17, 40, and 20 gallons, respectively.

They are identified by location and color-coded for easy identification: red for the left, blue for the center, and green for the right.

Each system operates at an approximate pressure of 3,000 PSI.

The primary hydraulic power sources are the Engine Driven Hydraulic Pumps (EDP) and the Alternating Current Motor Pumps (ACMP).

Additional sources include the Air Driven Pump (ADP) and the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) pump, which functions as an emergency source.

Each hydraulic system in the B767 has a unique system for sensing pressure with interchangeable transmitters sending signals to the computers.

The control panel for the hydraulic systems is found on the Overhead Panel, offering details on low pressure, reservoir quantities, pump conditions, and more.

Controls and indicators for the hydraulic systems are meticulously designed, with lights that signal various pressure conditions and switches that allow for different pump operations.

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