Airbus A320 On Condition & CFM Leap

Airbus A320 Neo General Familiarisation – On Condition Maintenance & CFM LEAP engine maintenance concept.

The on-condition maintenance concept is one which can offer many advantages to the user with regards to component reliability and also on overhaul costs.

On condition maintenance means that a component or a system is checked or inspected at a specified interval in comparison to a set requirement in a document such as a maintenance manual. It must pass this inspection or function to remain in service or the fault shall be repaired.

The LEAP-1A engine uses this preventive maintenance concept called “on-condition maintenance”.

This means that the engine has no periodic overhaul schedule and can remain installed until something important occurs, or when lifetime limits of parts are reached.

The engine uses all modern maintenance techniques to anticipate problems before a failure:

borescope inspection, particle analysis, engine health condition & performance trend monitoring, engine vibration monitoring, built-in test troubleshooting analysis.

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