Boeing 737 MAX CFM LEAP ground running course (THEORY)




Aircraft Engine Operation is a specific task where specialised training is required in order to accommodate safe operation and awareness of procedures to deal with the normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios.  

This course deals with the engine operation regarding the familiarisation in the flight deck and location of controls, the engine operational limits , then how we operate, interact and control the engines throughout the run up process. 

Target audience 

Engineer(s) who will have requirement to operate aircraft engines for work purposes and conduct routine and non-routine maintenance tests. 


To give the user the awareness and confidence to use their skillset in operation of aircraft engines at multiple power settings covering areas for both normal, non-normal and emergency procedures. 

  • General introduction/Awareness. 
  • Awareness. 
  • Occurrences. 
  • Flight deck Familiarisation. 
  • Control Location. 
  • Control Interactions. 
  • Flight deck Preparation. 
  • Control preparation and awareness. 
  • Engine Limits. 
  • Operating limits for the engine. 
  • Operating limits for hardware and environmental conditions. 
  • Engine Run Up. 
  • Routine Start & Shutdown. 
  • Non routine scenarios and actions including emergency procedures. 

Specifications course taught to: 

Course is taught to achieve intended regulations as specified in EASA Part 145.A.35(a) where special maintenance tasks may require additional specific training. 


If you also require practical training, please contact us via email to discuss our practical training solutions and pricing. 


Suggested duration for completion is 6 hours. 

Interval for continuation 

There is no requirement to have interval continuation training for this course, although we recommend refresher training carried out every 24 months to ensure reactions and awareness for emergencies and non-normal scenarios are maintained. 

Method of Delivery 

Online via Computer Based Training; for classroom or instructor lead training please contact us 


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