Embraer E170 / E190 Family –Aircraft Electrical Power System Overview

For the Embraer E170 / E190 Family Aircraft Electrical Power System Overview we can consider the the aircraft’s Electrical Power Generating and Distribution System (EPGDS) is a blend of both AC and DC power sources.

For AC power, the aircraft uses:

-Two engine-driven generators

-A generator driven by the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

-A generator powered by the Ram Air Turbine (RAT)

-An external AC power input

The DC system utilizes:

-An external DC power input

-Two nickel cadmium batteries

Under typical conditions, the EPGDS functions in an automatic mode, ensuring power is distributed as needed without manual intervention.

Different components of the EPGDS are strategically placed around the aircraft:

In the forward Avionics Bay:

-Essential Control Centre

-A Transformer Rectifier Unit

-Power Distribution Assembly


-Static Inverter

In the Mid Avionics Bay:

-Left and Right Control Centres

-Two Generator Control Units

-An External Power Module

-Two Transformer Rectifier Units

-Another Power Distribution Assembly

In the Rear Avionics Bay:

-Auxiliary Control Centre

-Second battery

The Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is located near the nose wheel, especially on the aircraft’s right side.

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