Embraer E170 & E190 Series – Landing Gear

The Embraer 170 has a retractable tricycle landing gear system, with two main landing gear (MLG) assemblies and one nose landing gear (NLG) assembly.

The landing gear is also responsible for allowing the aircraft to taxi and move about the airport as us required.

This means functions like braking and steering must also be available on the landing gear.

The MLG assemblies are telescopic and retract sideways into the wing and fuselage.

Each MLG assembly incorporates two wheels with multi-disk carbon brake assemblies.

The NLG assembly is telescopic and retracts forward into the fuselage.

The NLG assembly incorporates two wheels with a hydraulic nose wheel steering mechanism, allowing the aircraft to turn on a taxiway as narrow as 20 meters.

During normal operation, the landing gear system is electronically controlled and hydraulically operated.

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