Embraer E170 / E190 Family –Aircraft Electrical Power System Overview

For the Embraer E170 / E190 Family Aircraft Electrical Power System Overview we can consider the the aircraft’s Electrical Power Generating and Distribution System (EPGDS) is a blend of both AC and DC power sources. For AC power, the aircraft uses: -Two engine-driven generators -A generator driven by the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) -A generator …

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Boeing 787 Common Core System – General Familiarisation

The Boeing 787-8 utilizes the Common Core System (CCS) to support the operation of multiple airplane systems, enhancing reliability, and reducing costs and weight. This system shifts from the traditional approach of dedicated units for each airplane system to centralized processing.

The Airbus A330 Flight Deck System Displays and Screens – a brief overview.

The Electronic Instrument System (EIS) in an A330 aircraft provides pilots with crucial flight data through six Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) units. These displays are divided into different sections such as the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) which includes: Primary Flight Displays (PFDs): Positioned in front of each pilot, the PFD showcases essential flight information …

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Common Core System (CCS) in Boeing 787-8: A Summary

The Common Core System (CCS) is a centralized solution employed in the Boeing 787-8 aircraft to offer a uniform processing and data network for many airplane systems, by implementing the CCS, there’s a significant improvement in system reliability, a reduction in cost, and a decrease in weight.

Boeing 767 General Familiarisation – Hydraulic Systems

The B767 is equipped with three independent hydraulic systems: left, center, and right, with capacities of 17, 40, and 20 gallons, respectively. They are identified by location and color-coded for easy identification: red for the left, blue for the center, and green for the right.

Airbus A320 On Condition & CFM Leap

Airbus A320 Neo General Familiarisation – On Condition Maintenance & CFM LEAP engine maintenance concept. The on-condition maintenance concept is one which can offer many advantages to the user with regards to component reliability and also on overhaul costs.