Why Choose OAT?

Here at OAT, we put our everything in to providing the best possible training course for you to complete. Our team consists of subject matter experts, with a combined 120 years experience in the aviation industry, across all different departments.

Experienced Aviation Specialists

At OAT we pride ourselves on having the background and experience that allows us to provide you with the information and knowledge you need. The expansive knowledge that our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) possess allows us to cover a vast array of courses across all sectors of aviation. 

Backgrounds in:

Part 145 Maintenance

Part 147 Training


Auditing and Compliance

We have dedicated experts in quality, safety, and training to hand.

Value for your Money

We have invested in a vast amount of training material and have expendable knowledge gained in the aviation sector. That means every course creator and associated team not only create the content, but also monitor the material to keep it current.

We offer the training courses, support, and flexibility to work with you for the best price we can. 


Flexibility & Understanding

We have engaged with many companies and individuals compiling our vision, to not only provide a selection of courses that meets your expectations; but most importantly suppling courses which are written by people who work in and have a background in the specific areas

We can tailor courses to corporate needs and adapt certificates to be issued with your company details and look after your complete training requirements- contact us for more information 





The expansive knowledge that our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) possess allows us to cover a vast array of courses across all sectors of aviation.This choice and ever-growing selection on offer to you helps OAT in providing all your training requirements in one place.


We believe that the courses we offer will meet with all your expectations and we encourage feedback and questions.We are available to help you with your queries, concerns and learning – you can email us any time directly info@oat.aero and we will respond to assist you.Your certificate will also have a unique verification code that can be checked on the website anytime allowing your certificate to be verified.



As a company, you can rely on us for all of your training needs. we provide the best quality training courses that you will need. We believe when you can rely on us for your training, then you will get the best training that we can provide.

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Stay Up-To-Date

It is important as a maintenance engineer to stay up to date and keep your recency on aircraft. We provide aircraft general familiarisation courses for you to keep recent on your required aircraft! Check out the courses that we offer.